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Welcome to Alienum Evolution

Alienum Evolution is a RPG that you can play alone, and has activities like:

  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • DNA Research
  • Visiting places to get resources
  • and more to come

The DNA Research if the main focus of the game, and consists in:

  • Finding Anclient Bones and Seeds on locations
  • Extracting DNA sequences from them
  • Fixing broken DNA Sequences with synthesized nucleotides
  • Building full genomes when you have all required sequences

And the best of it? You can earn a full avatar, a pet, a special plant...

Check the Game Basics sections for more information on how to play.


Actual version

The game is actually in version 5.0 - Official release


=== NEWS ===

New activities are being released in the game, as well new resources, plants, and recipes.
You will see then appearing during the next weeks.

One of the new activities is the Treasure Hunt, and the map parts already started to drop from POIs.


Game Basics
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