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Wonders are special types of plants. They are objects that you can rez, take care, and they will give resources every day. They only need water. Some Wonders are also Ambient Modifiers. They always produce a main resource and a secondary one. Some can also produce a 3rd or 4th resource.

There is only two ways to acquire a Wonder:

  • Merging sprouts until you get a Level 5 sprout. Plant it as a normal plant, and when harvesting, you will get a notice that a Wonder is waiting for you. Go to the location said in the message to get the Wonder by touching its panel.
  • Special events: sometimes special versions of Wonders will be on sale on special events. Usually these Wonders are repaints of existing ones, and will be on sale for a short period of time.

Taking care of a Wonder

The wonders requires only water, consuming one unit every 12 hours. You can add water to the plant to a maximum of 50 units. If the plant go out of water, it will stop producing, and the icon on its root will turn to blue.


The plant can store its production until a max os 100 unit (sum of all quantity). You can harvest at any time, since the plant will stop producing only if have no water ou the limit of its inventory was reached. When you harvest, the resources available will be added to your inventory, up to your inventory limit, the rest will stay in the plant. So, you can see the plant as an additional inventory space.

Lifespan of a wonder

The wonders have a limited number of resources they can produce, counting by the quantity of the main resource. When the remaining resources reaches zero, the plant enters the dormant state. You need to apply a Plant Recover to make the plant start producing again.

Important: any resource in the plant inventory will be lost when the Plant Recover is applied, so, be sure to harvest everything before 'restarting' your plant.