Crafting Units

From Alienum Evolution

The crafting units are all the game units, also called stations, used to turn one resource into another, create consumables, or work with plants and DNA.

The available units are:

For Farming:

  • Sprout Nursery: to grow seeds into sprouts.
  • Sprout Merge: to combine 3 sprouts of same level to obtain a new one of higher level.
  • Planter: used to grow a sprout into a harvestable plant, getting resources. Also, when you grow a level 5 sprout, you get a Wonder
  • Wonders: special plants that gives a certain number of resources every day.

For Crafting:

  • Atomic Oven: used to convert some resources into other resources.
  • Chemistry Station: like the Atomic Oven, with its specific recipes.

For DNA Research:

  • DNA Extractor: to extract a DNA Sequence from an ancient bone or ancient seed.
  • DNA Checker: to fix broken DNA Sequences by adding the correct nucleotides that are missing.
  • DNA Chamber: when yo have enough DNA Sequences of a DNA Genome, the Chamber will create the final object.

More units can be added over time, when new features are added to the game.