Player Profile

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The Player Profile is a special area in the game website, that will contain all your information in the game, including your inventory. You access it thru the alien head icon in your HUD.

This area is locked to your session, created when you wear the HUD, and cannot be accessed by another player, so, no one will see your information.

Most of tables that lists your assets have options to order listing by certain columns, filter items by certain types.

The Player Profile will contain the following sections:

With some basic information, including information about your POIs if you are a POI owner, and option to configure how the game will work for you.

These options are:

- Convert energy into Knowledge Points: this will convert one energy into one Knowledge Point every 2 hours roughly (region lag and TP can increase the time). If turned off, the energy will not decay over time. If on, it will use 1 energy to convert to KP AND also will reduce your energy over time.

- Earn resources: If you don't want to earn resources and are in the game just for the POIs money, you can turn this off.

A list of seeds you have in your inventory
List of plants and sprouts
List of all your resources.
List of your consumables: Energy, Comfort recover and Weather protection
DNA Sources
Just a number of ancient bones and seeds you have for DNA Extraction (probably will be moved to dashboard later)
DNA Sequences
Lists of Broken and Fixed DNA Sequences in your inventory
DNA Genomes
This page have two lists: one for Genomes and another for Wonders ready and available for you to get the final object.
This page is in fact the "Skills unlocker". It will list all the skills available in the game, showing which ones you already unlocked, and the ones you can unlock.
This is the locations list for POIs.
Owned Points
A list and other information about the POIS you own.