Packing Resources

From Alienum Evolution


Packing Resources, Consumables, or any other game asset is a way to send them to other players. The crates are normal objects you can send to other players, and are used to add the asset to its inventory owner. Their names always show the amount and type of asset added to them.

Using a crate

When you have an asset crate, you just need to rezz it, touch, and select Yes in the menu. The available asset packed in the crate will be added to your inventory.

But pay attention to the following: the crate will always add all its content if the inventory level for the item is below your maximum inventory size. Example:

  1. You got a crate of 10 units of water from a friend.
  2. You check your Resources inventory for the water level. It is 18, and you maximum is 25.
  3. You select Yes in the crate menu and the 10 units of water is added to your inventory, even if the final quantity is above your maximum. You will not lost units. But this works only if your inventory level is below your maximum.

After using a crate, it will delete itself. If not, it will be update with USED in name, description and floating text, so, you can delete it.

Packing Resources

To pack a game asset you need the proper Packager for the type you want to pack, and Empty Crates in your inventory.

Note: the 'Empty Crates' is type Resource, so, they will be added to your Resources inventory.

The available Packagers are:

  • Resources Packager: pack game assets of type Resources.

The 'Empty Crates' are available only as a Game Card in the game main store.

To pack something, follow the steps:

  1. Check the list Packager Card Sets for packagers types
  2. Choose the right Packager for the type you want to pack
  3. Check the list for the colored card set of the desired item
  4. Touch Packager to open menu and select 'Load Resource'. If you have the item, the menu will open again showing the name of the selected item.
  5. Select 'Set Quantity'. The crates can hold up to 5 units, except for water that is a maximum of 25 units.
  6. Select option 'Select Crate'. This option is more cosmetic, and will list all available models for the type of asset you want to pack. Important: you need to have Empty Crates in your inventory to get the list.
  7. Check all the information in the menu, then hit 'Pack!'. The packing itself is instantaneous, and the Packager will show a message like this in your local chat: "5 units of Adenine packed into a Small Basket. You will receive it soon. DO NOT forget to rez it first!". Wait for the game's resources crate server send the crate to you.
  8. When receiving the crate, rezz it before sending to someone else or using it! If you don't do this, the crate will not work!

Now that your asset is packed, you can send to friends, put for sale, or even use as a secondary inventory.