Game Cards

From Alienum Evolution

Game Cards are items sold in vendors in the game's main store. To use, just wear and wait for the message of card ready to use.

The game cards usually delivers:

  • Packs of resources
  • Packs of Type Reveals
  • Inventory Upgrades

just to name a few.

There is 3 free cards of starter packages, limited to one unit to each player:

  • Free Starter Resources
  • Free Starter Consumables (3x Energy 10 units, 1x Energy 25 units, 3x Comfort Recover 10 points)
  • Free Starter Plant Type Reveals (for you start planting the sprouts)

Important: the game cards in some cases will add the items to your inventory even if you reached the inventory limit for the item. This is the case of the resources packs.