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The plants are the basic source of resources.

Their cultivation can be a little tricky in the beggining, but with time you will be a super farmer.

The plants are divided into the following:


Seeds are obtained in some Points of Interest, and also cab be bought in packs in the game main store or marketplace (game Cards). Seeds comes in 3 leves: 0, 1 and 2. These levels help with sprout growth and sprout merging. The sseds are also generic, what define the plant is the Type Reveal used when planting it.


Sprouts are the intermediary form of the plant. To get a sprout you need a Sprout Nursery and the Type Reveal of the desired plant. Check the Sprout List for the Colored Card of the desired sprout.

Note that sprouts grow from seeds, and the final level of the sprout comes from the seed level. So, to plant a sprout, check which Type Reveal you have, the level of the seeds you have in your inventory, and locate the proper Colored Cards. After assembling the card int he HUD, open the nursery menu and choose Plant.

After the sprout is ready, it will be sent to you inventory. If no space available in your inventory, the sprout will wait in the nursery for some time before dying.

Sprout Merge

The Sprout Merge allows you to obtain higher level sprouts by merging existing ones.

The sprouts from seeds can only reach level 2, and to get a plant wonder you need to plant a level 5 sprout. So, how to get a level 5 sprout? Merge them!

The Sprout Merge panel uses the same Colored Cards from the Plants List (not the sprout list!). Be sure you have 3 units of the same sprout and same level, assembly the color card for the next level, touch panel and select Merge. Example:

  • You have 3 Dry Cap sprouts of level 2
  • Check the Colored Cards for the Dry Cap plant level 3 (that is Yellow Yellow Gray Blue Red)
  • With Cards assembled in HUD, touch panel and select Merge.
  • One Dry Cap level 3 sprout will be added to your inventory (and, of course, the 3 level 2 ones are gone).


The plants are the source of resources. and need to grow in a planter.

To plant it, follow the steps:

  • Check which sprouts you have
  • Check the Colored Card in the Plants list for the desired plant.
  • With Cards ok, touch the Planter and select Plant.
  • When the plant finish gorwing, it will send the resources to your inventory.

The level of the plant will define the quantity of the resources it will give to you, being always the plant level plus 2. Example, if you plant a Fly Amanita level 0, it will give 2 Fly Amanita Slices. If is a plant level 4, it will give 6!

And the level 5 plant is a special one, because it will give 7 units of the resource and a plant Wonder!