DNA Research

From Alienum Evolution

The DNA Research consists into finding ancient bones and ancient seeds, extracting the DNA from them, and combining different DNA sequences to create a final Genome, that can be an avatar, a plant, a pet, or a decoration.

The steps are:

  • Find Ancient Bones and Ancient Seeds at POIs.
  • Create a Type Reveal for the final Genome you want. For example, TR Eiri is the Type Reveal for the Eiri Base Body (avatar). Type Reveals can also be found on POIs, but being rare.
  • With the TR ready, look at the DNA Sources List for the cards to be used to extract a sequence. Usually each Genome has at least two types of source, giving different Sequences at the end of extraction. The Sequences given are random. So, you will need to try some times until you get all the Sequences required by the Genome, that can be found in the DNA Genomes list.
  • An extracted DNA Sequence comes from the extractor being broken, with some nucleotides missing. These Sequences are know as Broken Sequences and can be found in your inventory. To fix a Broken Sequence you need a DNA Checker panel. The full instructions on how to fix them can be found in the topic Fixing Broken DNA Sequences.
  • When a DNA Sequence is fixed, it will be added to your Fixed Sequences inventory, and when you have all required sequences for a genome, you can use the DNA Chamber to assemble the final Genome, using the cards set found in the DNA Genomes list.
  • After the final Genome is generated, it is added to your Genomes inventory. This is the only inventory that don't have limit, and it is not exactly an inventory, it is a list of Genomes waiting for you to pick the final object at the game's main sim. The Genome is an object that is No Mod, No Copy, but Transfer, so, you can trade them.