Game HUD

From Alienum Evolution

The Game HUD is the central part of the game, without it you can't play. Game HUD.png

Parts of the HUD

  • Status Bars

These two colored bars shows your status levels for Energy and Comfort. When they are 100% full, the bars are green, and the color will gradually shift to red while these values decay. When you touch one of the status bar, the HUD will show your player informations in the local chat.

  • Profile

The "alien head" button will show you the link to your profile page in the game's website. Since Alienum Evolution has a lot of data to show to player, we decided to put everything in webpages, turning the viewing of this data easy.

  • Earnings

This field (money icon) shows your actual earning after playing in a POI that is running with money. You can cashout your earnings in the ATMs in the game main land.

  • Knowledge Points

This field (KP Icon) shows how many KPoints you have. These KPoints can be used to unlock skills or buy inventory space.

  • POI Owner Wallet

This field appears only if you are a POI owner, and show the amount available in your POI wallet. This is the numeric field at the right of the HUD.

  • Colors and Cards Bars

The color bar has 7 colored squares, and one X (clear cards). The cards are used to assembly the colored cards sequence, required by the crafting units to know which recipe to use. For more information on how to use them, check the Crafting Resources and Consumables section.

  • POI Timer

This will appear below the KPoints only when you are playing in a POI, and is a green timer showing how much time you need to stay in the POI to get a prize.