Points of Interest

From Alienum Evolution

Points of Interest are objects that gives resources to players after they spend some time on them.

Basically the player sits on the object, wait for the counter on HUD reaches 0 after 5 minutes, and answer the final question of the POI. If the answer is correct, player will earn some resources. If player give the wrong answer, will loose the prizes, but can try again.

The prizes given by the POI depends on its type, location, and if the POI is also giving money as prize. Some prizes happens only in extreme weather, like below -5°C or above 40°C.

Also POIs have a number of times the player can use them in a day. The lowest, and default value is only one visit, but the owner can configure it up to 5.

The POI can be public, allowing any player to use it, or private. They are a good way to bring visitors.

Money Prize

The money prize is given to player after it finish the visit, and only if the POI is giving money (default configuration), and the owner has money in the POI Wallet.

There is no way to add money to a specific POI. All POIs share the POI Wallet of their owner. So, when the POI Wallet reaches zero, the POI automatically detects it. Same for when the Wallet is filled again, the owner don't need to worry setting each POI to use money or not. Unless the owner really wants a POI to never uses money, then it need tobe set in the POI.

Also, when giving money prize, the costs for the owner for each player is L$ 1.50 (being L$ 1 given to player). But if the POI is set as private, the costs is L$ 5.00 (being L$ 4 as tax and L$ 1 for player).

To add money to wallet the owner just need topay the Owner Box (received witht he POI).