Area Thermostat

From Alienum Evolution

The area thermostat is an object that will define a temperature inside its bounds.

For example, if the area is a cube, players inside of this cube will be affected by the temperature set on it.

This thermostat is modifiable, to allow the owner set the size and shape of it, and also the temperature. Full instructions will be added when the beta test phase ends and the thermostat are available for sale.

Important: since it is modifiable, the game staff is not responsible if the thermostat is broken from misuse.

The Area Thermostats are in open beta testing, and some can be found across the game's main sim in the following locations:

  • Arctic:
  1. Inside the main building (the big one) close to the teleport pad.
  2. Inside the cabin. Also the cabin has an Ambient Modifier being tested too (is the fireplace, the rug around it shows the range)
  3. Inside a cavern
  • Desert
  1. Inside each of the buildings
  2. Inside the dome (with the teleport pad)