Game Rules

From Alienum Evolution

These rules and best practices are mandatory. By not following them you can be banned from the game, and banned players don't get refunds of any type.

1 - Alienum Evolution is a RPG game, not an "investment" game. Don't come bothering the game staff with allegations that you didn't recovered what you "invested".

2 - Alts are alloweed in this game now. Landowners (that know better who is alt and who isn't) need to provide blocks to alts by themselves.

3 - Anyone caught in official Alienum group chats bullying, accusing other players, or using offensive terms will be banned from the chat. Depending on the severity, the player can even be banned from the game.

4 - The POIs where created to maintain the old traffic feature of Alienum. They mean to be free access to everyone. Owners can, however, have some control over their land, like banning alts of not allowing players under certain age. And by public also means NO access control thru pay-to-join groups.

5 - POIs are basically public, but they can become private under the following circunstances: set as private by the owner itself, or set by the server when the staff sees a POIs is being blocked from public access, like, to be used by only a small group of players. POIs locked as private in the server cannot be unlocked by the owner. Important: private POIs have different taxes when running with money.

6 - Any player can sell resources or resulting objects from playing the game by the prices they think are the best. Don't come bothering the staff because player X is selling something cheaper than you. Unless you have proof they are cheating the game to have that really cheap things for sale.

7 - Anyone caught trying to cheat the game, by trying to modify objects, direct attack to server, or trying to sell copybot objects, will be banned from the game. And publicly exposed so that other players don't fall victim to the scam.

8 - The POIs can be seen also as a service to bring traffic to a land. You decide if you want to run it without money, or adding money. POIs with money have higher prizes and attracts more players. Remember: this is a service, like any other traffic or ads services, the game owners don't have the obligation to return you the money you invested.

9 - News rules can be added, or existing ones modified, depending on how players behave while playing this game.