Game Basics

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Alienum Evolution is a RPG with sets of activities. The player can choose what they want to do. Some of the activities are:

  • Farming: grow seeds into sprouts, then turn sprouts into plants ready to harvest resources. Merge sprout to get higher level ones.
  • Crafting: create resources and consumables.
  • DNA Research: extract DNA sequences from bones, fix broken sequences with synthetized nucleotides (you can craft them). When you have enough fixed sequences required by a genome, put them in a DNA Chamber and check the result. You can get a full avatar, a pet, a plant, among others.
  • Roam the game main sim in search for the gathering points: free resources.
  • Points of Interest: visit places, spend some time in the POIs and get bones for DNA, resources, and in some cases money.

And more activities will be added over time.

How to play

To play Alienum, You need to get the free Game HUD. When you wear the HUD for the first time, it creates a player account in our servers. And you are ready to play.

You start with 100 points of energy (100% ) and comfort. Almost all activities you perform in the game will use energy, from 1 point or more, depending of the activity. To replace energy you need to use Energy consumables, that can add 10, 25, or 50 points of energy. Important: your energy don't go up your maximum, that is 100 points. For example: you have 80 points of energy, but want to add more. If you use a 50 points consumable, it will add only 20 points, and the other 30 will be lost.

The activities you do will depend of what you want to do in the game.

The most basic one is visiting Points of Interests, the POIs. On them you spend some time, lose 2 energy, and can receive an ancient bone or seed for DNA extraction, a basic plant seed for farming, and some resources. What you will earn will depend of the Type of the POI, if it is running with money, and even in which Weather it is located.

Once you started, you can choose if you want to focus on Farming, that allows you to grow Plants to harvest resources for crafting, including crafting of Consumables like the Energy restoration.

You can also do DNA Research to receive a game collectible, that can be a full avatar, a pet, a special plant. Doing the DNA Research is not mandatory, even it being the main point of the game.

Check the sections of this wiki to know what you can do in the game.

But, if you just want to earn some money like in a traditional fishing game, like the original Alienum was, you can just check the POIs Locations page in the game website to find ones that are giving money. An important note to old Alienum players: the new game has a fixed earning of L$ 1 for each POIs with money you visit, and don't have ranking.


All the resources used in the game are stored in the game's server as resources, and the player's inventory has limits on how much of each resource it can stores.

But the inventory can be upgraded by buying more space with Lindens or Knowledge Points.

The inventory is also divided into areas, each one controling a certain type of resources, and with its own limits. This means you will need to upgrade each area.

Each player starts with a limit of 10 units in each Inventory section.

The limit is imposed by the quantity of the resource, not the sum of quantities. For example:

  • You have a limit of 25 units in Resources inventory. When a resources reaches the maximum quantity, you can't add more of this resources, but can still add others until they reach the maximum. This means when you reach 25 units of water, you cannot get more water.

The Inventory areas are:

  • Resources: for materials (resources), Consumables, Type Reveals, nucleotides, among others.
  • Bones: for Ancient Bones and Seeds.
  • DNA: for DNA Borken and Fixed Sequences.
  • Plant: for seeds and sprouts

Genomes don't use any inventory, when you finish building a genome it is added in a special inventory with no limit.