Sprout Merging

From Alienum Evolution

To get sprouts of higher levels, up to the level 5, you need to merge them, using the Sprout Merge Panel.

To merge sprout is simple:

  • Check if you have at least 3 sprouts of same level for the same plant
  • Get the Colored Cards set in the Plants List for the level you have (Need to be the plants list, not the sprouts one)
  • With the cards ready, just touch the panel. The result is almost instantaneous, and you will get one sprout of same plant for the next level

Example: you have 3 sprouts for Spind at level 0, and you want a Spind of level 1. Assembly the cards for Spind level 0 and touch the panel. The 3 sprouts of level 0 will be removed from your inventory, and one of level 1 will be added. And you will receive 2KPs.

The merge will take one energy, and will give KPoints with value being 'new level * 2'.