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Here is a list of questions that we know players will ask. More can be added over time. If you have a question, send a notecard to NeevaBecketEmagan Resident. Your question will be answered and, if it seems useful to other players, will be added in this section.

* I just want to earn money like in the old Alienum. How I do it?

Check the POIs Locations page, and visit POIs that are running with money. You will earn L$ 1 for each visit each day. A POI can allow more than one visit. Example: if a POI with money allows 5 visits, you can earn up to L$ 5 in that POI.

* What I need to use a POI?

Just the Game HUD, energy, and your comfort above 10%.

* There are other ways to get the resources, aside going to Points of Interest?

Yes, with Gathering, buying them in the game's main store or from other players. Also some from plants and crafting.

* The resources are stored only in the server. How I can sell/give them to other players?

You can sell/give them after they are packed. To pack a Resource, you need a packager unit and some Empty Boxes or Bottles in your inventory. For more information, check Packing Resources.

* Will be POI owners able to use their own POIs?

Yes, now POI owners can get resources from their own POIs.

* Can we have private POIs, only for owner and friends?

Yes, now locations can be private, but with the following rules: if is a POI giving money, the running tax of it will be higher. And if the POIs detects that it is in a private land (with restricted access), it will set itself to Private, and this cannot be changed by the owner.

* What about the tax to run POIs? They are like the old clusters?

No, the POIs works in a different way, they don't have a tax paid upfront (when you add money to them), but will take L$ 1.5 from your POI Wallet every time a player uses you POI ONLY if it is using money, being L$ 1 given to player and 0.5 as tax. POIs running without money don't have tax. And, very important, the cost for private POIs will be L$ 5, being L$ 1 for player and the rest as tax. Why? We want resources sharing and players going to places!

* Why there is POIs with money and others don't?

POIs with money gives better prizes in resources, and also some resources appears only in "paid" POIs. Also, POIs with money will attract more visitors. POIs running without money will allow players to get low grade resources.

* And the TESS-GEN that was under development, what happened to it?

Alienum Evolution is the TESS-GEN, but with a new format.

* You changed the game! I hate you!

You're welcome :) But the old Alienum is still alive, you can still play with it. But it will not receive updates and don't have priority in solving problems. It is available for old players that don't want to start with the Evolution, that is a more complex game.