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Gathering Points are a source of resources where you can get a random resource once a day.

They exists only in the game main sim, and can be any object scattered around in the scenery.

When you interact with a gathering point, you will lose 1 point of energy.

You can increase your chances of getting better prizes (medium and high grade) by upgrading your Gathering Prize Quality skills.

The gathering system is now in beta testing stage, you can try your luck searching for them in the game's main sim.

The gathering points can be of various models, and then change their position once or twice a day, but never far away from where you found them for the first time.

Only a few are available for now, but more will be added accross the sim when the beta ends. These are the quantities of points in each sim area:

  • Station: 3
  • Arctic: 7
  • Ground: 2
  • Desert:1
Gathering Points.png