Parcel Thermostat

From Alienum Evolution

The parcel thermostat allows the parcel owner to change the temperature in the parcel at different levels. This means, you can have different temperatures for your skyboxes.

This thermostat requires that the owner of the thermostat is the owner of the parcel, or it will not work. This requirement comes from the LSL functions we used on it, but also is a security feature, preventing that people that isn't the owner of the parcel rezz thermostats and overlap the settings. And only one parcel thermostat is allowed in a parcel.

To setup the parcel thermostat, you need to add levels with their temperatures to it, to a maximum of 8 levels. The required height is the height in meter where the level starts, and it will end at the start of next level (or SL sky limit if there isn't a level above).

Let's see how the thermostat in the game's main sim was configured. It has the following levels:

  • First level starting at 0 meters with temperature of 18C. This is the temperature under the water.
  • Second level starting at 21 meters with temperature of 23C, that covers the entire land until the height of the next level.
  • Third level starting at 878 meters with temperature of 20C
  • Forth level starting at 1147 meters with temperature of 40C

So, if you are in a skybox at 900 meters (that is one of the forests), your HUD will read the temperature of 20C.

Configuring your thermostat

The thermostat always has the first layer, that starts at 0 meters (the bottom of SL ocean). If you don't want to have different temperatures on different skyboxes, just set the value for this first level, it will cover the parcel until the maximum height.

To edit the values of a layer, including the first one, choose 'Layers' in the thermostat menu, then the number of the desired layer. A new menu will open, with options to:

- Set Start: define the height in meters where the layer will start.

- Set Value: define the temperature in °C. You can use negative and positive integers, just adding the minus sign in front of the number to get the negative value.

The maximum number os layers is 8. If there is less than 8, the menu will show an option for adding extra layers.

The Thermostat only start to work when you activate it, hitting 'Start'. But remember: after started, you can only change the thermostat values after 12 hours.