Alienum Upgrade

From Alienum Evolution

Important: this conversion will have as base the Alienum version 4. If you have objects from older versions, you will need to contact the game owner to see how to proceed with the update.

  • The concept of Credits Store from version 4 will be used again, but this time extended to resources, consumables, inventory upgrade.
  • The credits will be added as Balance in our CasperVend. Since most of ALienum players bought at least once something in this system, we can transfer what you have spent to the Balance. The value from orders made in Marketplace will be added manually. You can buy then the items for the new game using your balance in any of our caspervend vendors.
  • Resources like seeds, uranium, potions, and ingredients will be converted into credits using the values defined by the game (the ones found in the official vendors and set by the system), and added to your Caspervend balance.
  • Those that never bought in our vendors, we suggest getting at least the HUD (free), to create a record in the system. If not possible, we will give a casper Gift Card.
  • The Galactic Points will be converted into Knowledge Points in a rate of 5:1 (5 galactic will produce one KP)
  • Money in wallets and clusters will be transferred to your POI wallet.
  • Earnings from player account will be transferred to the new account.
  • Important: the conversion will be manual. We will have a panel in the main store you need to touch to enter in the conversion queue. Yes, it will take time.
  • For cluster owners we will have some options, since the price of POIs are lower than clusters, but there are more types available, each with different types of prizes for players. If you are a cluster owner, send a notecard to Neeva asking for more information.