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To craft resources and consumables you need the proper Crafting Unit and know the Colored Cards sequence for the recipe.

Colored Cards

All crafting units needs a recipe to know what the player want to make. Instead of menus to choose ingredients, or loading ingredients in a panel, Alienum Evolution uses the concept of Colored Cards.

Each recipe in each type of unit has a colored card set, that is a sequence of colors. These sequence can have any size, from one color to 8. To assemble the card set, you need to check which colors the recipe need, then add them in the right order in the colored card bar.

  1. - Select the color in the colors bar, the one with small colored squares.
  2. - Click on the white circle below to add the selected color to it. Tip: you can add the same color on different circles, what matters in the end is if they are in the right order.
  3. - Repeat the process to each color required by the recipe.
  4. - Input the recipe in the crafting unit. Usually the unit has a button in the menu called "Load Recipe", "Load Sequence" or something like this.

The red X in the color bar is used to clear the card set, if you make a mistake and want to start again. But you can also change a color just selecting the right one and clicking the circle, there is no penalty for wrong load.