POI Owner Guide

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Setup of the Point of Interest

Just rezz it and wait for the message that it is registered, it can take some seconds. Yes, just it. If after one minute the message don't appear, please contact the game staff.

Important: check your land Access options. If it has the option 'Allow group with no restrictions' with group [none] checked, the POI will think the land is private and will lock itself to private. This happens because the SL function that return this data consider [none] as a group, so the land is locked.

Configuring your POI

The Points of Interest have only a few configurations, since they are very simple. All are available in the menu:

  • Turn public / Turn private: theses options will change the POI between public and private. Private POIs don't appear in the website listing. For more information, see the section Private and Public POIs bellow.
  • No Money / Use Money: will set the POI to give money to players or not. The default value is 'Use Money'.
  • Activate / Deactivate: turns the POI active or not. Active public POIs will appear in the website listing and will allow players to use it.
  • Max Visits: allows the owner to set how many times a player can use the POI. The default value is 1, and can be set up to 5.

Adding money to POIs

A POI don't have an option to add money to it, instead all POIs of the same owner will share the POI Wallet. The balance in you POI Wallet will appear in your HUD after the first time you rez a POI. It is also available in the Player Profile page.

To add money to your POI Wallet, just pay the Owner's Box that comes with your POI. Rez the box, allow debit, and pay it. Anyone can pay the box to add funds to you account.

Private and Public POIs

The POIs can be seen as a way to bring traffic to your land, and also is a way to allow every player get resources. But the owner can determine if the POI is accessible to everyone or not. Private POIs will not appear in the website listing. But there is some important points:

  • Private POIs running with money have a running tax of L$ 4, instead of L$ 0.5.
  • POIs set on private lands with access limited by a list are set automatically to private, and cannot be changed.

Important: even being set to private, a POI can still be used if the player find it. To prevent this, set the POI to a group. Once the POI is private, it will check if the player is wearing the same group tag. Restricting a POI to a group don't work on public POIs.

Why we did this to the system? If you go around getting money and resources from other players, be nice and do the same, set you POI to public.

If you have questions, write them on a notecard and send to NeevaBecketEmagan Resident. We can add a nice FAQ section here to help all owners.